About Us

 Hi there!

My name is Catherine, and I am the owner of CJ'z Creationz. I am the "C" in CJ, and my son Jaxson is the "J." I have always had a passion for crafting; I believe there's something special about taking an item and making it into something beautiful. For many years friends and family have told me, "You should start your own business," and it wasn't until my niece's sweet 16 that I realized... They are RIGHT! For many years I didn't believe in me, and I allowed it to hinder my progress, but now I know better. Now I have an amazing son looking up to me. I know moms and dads can relate. I often tell everyone to follow their dreams and that we all have a talent and should use it. Well, friends - I wasn't listening to myself. How can I teach Jaxson to pursue his dreams if I haven't given it a try? So here I am...

Here I introduce to you "CJ'z Creationz," A small business that started from a thought and one I will work hard to build into something special so Jaxson can see when you have a dream, and you work hard, study, and are consistent, great things happen. My goal at CJ'z is to take our everyday products and convert them to something beautiful, something you can keep or gift, but every time you see it, you smile.

This is only the beginning! Thank you for being here, and I can't wait for you to see how far we go!